Sunday, February 21, 2010

MOVIE - A Single Man

Colin Furth, still my favorite actor, does himself proud.
Released 12/11/09
R (1:39)
2/21/10 at Crossroads all by myself - but the theater was full of an "older" audience, I had lots of company...
Fandango: 77/100
RT: 85% cag: 90%
Director: Tom Ford

Colin Furth, Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode

It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, or a rabbit, we mourn when we lose the ones we love. Professor George .......... ( darn, I forgot his last name) teaches English in a Los Angeles area college in the mmmmmm......late 50s? I don't know cars enough to tell for sure, but the costumes looked like 50s to me. He has spent the eight months since his partner died existing in a daze, and he decides he doesn't want to live anymore. We follow him through his day, through his preparations - everything must be neat and tidy and wrapped up - until something interesting and somewhat extraordinary happens - and we are treated to a surprise ending.

I love the way that the story unfolds in flashbacks. The next-door neighbor family is a nice touch and there is one scene that was quite funny - even though it really wouldn't be funny at all. Colin Furth was extraordinary. Exemplary. Wow. He ALWAYS gets my vote, but this time he's bound to get a lot more than just mine! ! ! !

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