Monday, August 1, 2016

Postcards Received from Portugal

1208.  Le phare de Pontusval, Portugal
{The Lighthouse of Pontusval)
Greetings from Portugal.  Our names are Marcio and Cristina and we live in the center of the country.  We live in a small village very close to the beautiful city of Viseu.  We love animals and we have 4 dalmatian dogs.

1205.  Lindoso Granaries, Portugal
Next to the Castle of Lindoso there's a threshing floor with fifty granaries from the 18th and 19th centuries.  The buildings were used on the corn drying (revented by its structure the entrance of rodents)  
NOTE:  (I wonder why the crosses atop them?  I thought it was a cemetery at first.)

473.  Guimares, Portugal
Ola = Hello Chris.  Greetings from Guimaraes; designated World Heritage Site in 2001.  I'm Sandrina!  Hope you'll like this card about Portugal's 1st king.  Se feliz = Be happy!  Sandrina

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