Monday, August 1, 2016

Letterboxing in July, 2016

It was HOT in Pennsylvania this July.  Hot and muggy.  Plus, I spent a lot of time on the road with Dede.  It takes me awhile to find and log a letterbox, so between those two things, I got a little less time out searching and a bit more with postals.  I want to plant some boxes, but without a printer it's hard for me to get the designs onto the rubber.  I'm not clever enough to freestyle, even letters.

P2 F133 X61

New In July:

Traditional finds:  13 more! (now 133 total)

Hitchhikers:  7 finds (thanks to Hostile HH Hostel, found nearby) (now 16 total)

Postals:  38 finds (the fourth set of states were really cool) (now 148 total)

LTCs:  35 finds (two postals:  an inchies one and my postcard one added to these numbers!)  now 63 total

Carves:  ONE (the Arizona twinchie, which was actually two different stamps, the saguaro and the AZ)

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