Monday, August 1, 2016

Postcards Received from Luxembourg

1223.  Luxembourg
Hi!  I live in Lux only for one year and I noticed that the most common animal here is a cow.  They are everywhere.  Different colours, sizes, fluffiness.  I love them!  Also dogs are very popular and sheeps!  Be Happy! February 2018

757.  Itzig, Luxembourg
I am Dan, 52, lives in a little town called Itzig in Luxembourg/Europe.  Best wishes and Happy Postcrossing with Stan and Ollie!

510.  Luxembourg, August 18, 2016
 A Postallove Card!
Dear Chris, I send you the postcard from Luxembourg-city.  My hobbies are art, photography, and travelling to Paris (only 2 hours by high speed train).  I wish you all the best.  Many greetings!  
Jean Moni

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