Monday, August 1, 2016

Postcards Received from Minnesota

807.  Chisholm, Minnesota USA
Day of the Dead
"A male skeleton dressed in a charro outfit wielding a machete, accompanied by a drunken skeleton."  Illustrations by J. Posada, 1910
Hi Chris,  Our gardening season is in full swing!  It is good to have fresh food from the gardenand look forward to enjoying the surplus - canned or frozen - in the winter!  Enjoy your summer away from triple digits and fires.

617.  Where the Jackalope Roam! 
Much like the stories of Sasquatch sightings, legends of the elusive Jackalope continue to haunt Western lore even in modern times.
Hello Chris,
     Greetings from central Minnesota.  I picked up this card last fall when we visited Mt. Rushmore.  I have lived in Pittsburgh and Tucson.  I would move bacdk to Tucson in a heartbeat!  Parts of Pennsylvania are beautiful though.
Best wishes, Jane

537.  "have a Coke and a smile" 
Cologne, MN
(I looked this book up - I'd never heard of it, bad me... First published in 1945, it won an Edgar for best first novel in 1946 and is considered a "classic of crime fiction."  It's a 70-year-old mytery novel...looks like I'm going to have to at least research it more, if not attempt to find it and read it....)
Hi Chris!  My name is JOAN.  I'm writing from Cologne, MN.  I was going to get a box from a 12 pk of Diet Coke and cut it into a postcard but I'm not sure how soon I would get to the store.  Joan

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