Friday, August 12, 2016

Postcards Received 8/12/16 - After Vacation in Maine

474.  Europa MAP from Lithuania
Hello!  Greetings from Lithuania!  I'm Rilo and I live in Vilnees with my family & dog & rabbit.  I like many things but my passion is traveling and exploring new places/countries.  Maps always make the feeling of travelling, right?  I've been in many countries in Europe also visited Thailand and Egyupt.  I wish to go to America as well.!  Best wishes, Rilo

475.  Groeten uit Holland (Greetings from Holland)
Hi Chris!  It's my bike!  Typical for Holland.  I like knitting too.  Where I live is a small village, it has 2000 residents.  Heb het goed = All the best!

476.  Bavaria, GERMANY
Hi Chris,
I'm Lotte, 25 years old and live in Bavaria which is a southern region of Germany.
Best Wishes

477.  My Romania - Bucharest
Dear Chris,
This is one of the eight UNESCO painted churches in Romania, unique for the 500 years old paintings all ove their external walls. 
Regards, Marius

478.  Old Books: Greetings from Latvia!
Hello Chris!  My name is Zanda.  I live in the Labvian capital Riga together with my 3 children and 4 hamsters.  My hobby is collect interesting candles and various things with angels.  In my collection is more than 500 variety of candles.  Zanda

479.  Greetings from Belarus!
Hello Chris, my name is Yana and I live in Belarus.  My country is in the centre of Europe, near Russia.  Actgually, we speak Russian, but we have our national language tgoo - Belarussian.  Our symbols are teh bird-stork and the flower - vasilek.   sometimes people from other countries call our country "Blye eyes," because we have a lot of lakes and rivers.  We also have a lot of castles and our national animals -zubrs (they look like bisons).  Thank you for the interest in my country.

480.  Greetings from Russia
Hello, my name is Katerina.  I was born in Moscow and have lived there all my life.  My home town is very gib.  I come from a small family.  I have mother, father, and sister.  We get on well with each other.  My family is very important to me.
     Have a great day!

481.  "Awkward Family" Newburyport, MA
Hi, Chris!  I'm Nathan and it's nice to meet you.  This is a funny card I got out of a set.  They habe a very funny wibsite, too.  Have a good rest of the summer!

482.  Zeeland: Holland
Hallo!  The only nice thing about Holland is seaside and Zeeland is province with the nicest beaches I know.  To get nice weather is the other thing - this summer we had 1 week sun, the rest only rain...  Today also...
Greetings!  Poli

483.  Russia MAP
Hello Chris!  Next week I'll go to Spain.  And last month I visited Monaco.
With best wishes, Olga

484.  "The Bookworm" Siberia, RUSSIA
Hello Chris!
My name is Valeriya.  I live in Small Siberian town Seversk.  I'm a visiting nurse in children's polyclinic.  I like my job although I gave too little free time.  I love to read too.  At present I prefer fantasy.  Maybe I'm so tired of real life problems that I would like fairy tales :)  But the most favourite book is "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.  One can read this book time after time and each time this book is perceived differently...warm greetings from cold Siberia!

485.  Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic
Hi Chris,  Greetings from Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic.  This card is from my team-building in Trebon region.  We had cycling weekend around lakes.  I've meen in Maine for two summers in Camp Winona.
Happy Postcrossing, Tom

486.  Pon XIX Jawa Barat 2016 - Indonesia
Hi Chris,
Greetings from Indfonesia.  My name is Krisna.  I really want to visit your country.  The Liberty status is really famous - Happy Postcarduniting!  Krisna

487.  Colours of Medan, Indonesia
Hello!  APA Kabar?  How are you?  Greeting from Indonesia.   Happy Postcard Unititn!!!
Medan City is the capital of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.  Interesting places are Sun Plaza, Medan Post office, Misjid Raya, Red Cross building and Kualanamu Airport.

488.  Chinese Bridge in Alexander Park, St. Petersburg, Russia
Greetings from St. Petersburg, Russia!  My name is Anja, I'm 21 years old and I'm going to be an aviation engineer.  Happy postcardunited!

489.  St. John's, Newfoundland, CANADA
Hi Chris,
Greetings from St. John's NL in Canada.  I get a kick out of this card because it's so 'stereotypical Canada' but being from Maine you are probably familiar.
    I hope you're having a great day!  Sabina

490.  Prospect Hill Park (est. 1421), Beijing, CHINA
Hello, Chris!  Greetings from Beijing!  On this card is the Jingshan Hill.  It's only about 60 m high, but the panoram view of Forbidden City there is great!
Zhang Yuyu

491.  Zombie Cookbook Cover - Frankfurt, GERMANY
Hello Chris.  My name is Rike and I live near Frankfurt Main.  Do I understand it correctly that you like zombies?  Me too!  The postcards shows the cover of a Zombie cookbook from Germany.  It's full of humorous zombie stories AND recipes for vegetarian zombies who do no like to eat brains.  Unfortunately, you can get the book only in German language.  Nevertheless, the cover is great.  Undead greetings, Rika
PS:  Great surname!!

 492.  Russian Folktale
Hello Chris, My name is Elya, I'm from Moscow.  The p;ostcard is showing the characters of a Russian folk tale called "Fox, Rabbit and Rooster."  The rabbit and the rooster lived together, and the rabbit did not allow the rooster to look out the window. so that the fox could ot see hom.  Once he broke the ban, and the fox dragged him into her burrow.  But everything went well.  Here you can see the less popular option of tale with a cat and thrush instead of a rabbit.
Best Regards,  Elya

493.  Piestany, Slovakia
My name is Olga.  I live in Slovakia in spa town.  I like flowers, dolphins, parrots, towns, and sew.  Happy postcrossing.

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