Monday, August 1, 2016

Postcards Received from Lithuania

751. Lithuania
"Balloons" Kritina Kuodiene
Greetings from Lithuania!  I'm a teacher.  yesterday ended the school year.  STarting time when I can do my favorite things when I want.  Wonderful time!  No matter how many years I have, I feel like the girl on this card.  Zita

474.  Europa MAP from Lithuania
Hello!  Greetings from Lithuania!  I'm Rilo and I live in Vilnees with my family & dog & rabbit.  I like many things but my passion is traveling and exploring new places/countries.  Maps always make the feeling of travelling, right?  I've been in many countries in Europe also visited Thailand and Egyupt.  I wish to go to America as well.!  Best wishes, Rilo

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