Friday, December 21, 2018

2019 READING CHALLENGE - Linz the Bookworm

Presented by Linz the Bookworm

The idea of how to go about this challenge is the same as last year's. There are five levels, each hopefully getting more difficult. There are 12 books in each level for a grand total of 60 books. You can complete it in order if you like or skip around. Tress tries to read in order and I definitely just jump around. Some of the categories are the same as last year, some are different. There was a handful of topics that we really liked and are broad enough that we felt good about keeping them. New to the 2019 challenge is that the last spot in each level is a free space. Feel free to use these as you feel fit. This is hopefully going to tame my binge reading that's not relevant to the challenge, and I'm guessing Tress will use it for rereads, but I'll let her talk about what she plans to do with them.

Level 1: Book of the Month Club

 1.) A book with a red cover   We Are Omega (Woolley)
 2.) Read a YA fiction  Toxic (Kang)
 3.) A book under 300 pages  Trail of Lightning (Roanhorse)
 4.) A book you got for free Accidental Romeo (Snow)
 5.) Reread the first book of a series you love
 6.) Read a book that takes place during the summer Time's Convert  (Harkness)
7.) A book whose title starts with the letter M  Murder Theory (Mayne)
8.) Read a romance novel INK: A Love Story on 7th and Main (Hunter)
9.) A book that has been turned into a TV Show or Movie  Lethal White  (Galbraith)
10.) A book with a title done in alliteration (example: Pride and Prejudice)
11.) A New York Time's Best Seller (Past or Present)  An Anonymous Girl (Hendricks & Pekannen)
12.) Free Space- Pick any book!  Run You Down (Dahl)

Level 2: Casual Reader Club

 13.) A book by John Grisham
 14.) Read a Fantasy novel  Cornerstone
15.) Read a book with a color in the title
16.) Reread a book you have recommended to someone else
17.) Read a detective novel  The Vanishing Stair (Johnson)
18.) A book with a number in the title
19.) Read a book about dragons
20.) Read a book published by Penguin Random House The Au Pair (Rous)
21.) Read a book found on Project Gutenberg
22.) A book about an artist (fictional or real)
23.) A book that was published in 1999
24.) Free Space- Pick any book! The Precipice (Doiron)

Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club

25.) Read book 1 in a trilogy
26.) Read book 2 in the same trilogy
27.) Read book 3 in the same trilogy
28.) Read a book recommended by a friend on Social Media (LITSY) The Book of Essie, The (Weir)
29.) A book about a Librarian
30.) A book about breaking a code or a treasure hunt
31.) Read a book by Brandon Sanderson  Skyward
32.) Read a book that takes place in a large city Towers Falling (Rhodes)
33.) A book suggested by
34.) A book for under $3.00  Lucky Suit
35.) A book with exactly three words in the title  Theory of Bastards (Schulman)
36.) Free Space- Pick any book!

Level 4: Speed-Reader Club

37.) A book over 500 pages
38.) A book about time travel
39.) A book with a form of weather in the title
40.) Read a book published in 1969
41.) A book authored by a Catherine/Katherine or variant
42.) A book by Anne Rice
43.) A book from Time's All-time top 100 book list (find it here)
44.) Read a coming of age novel
45.) A book involving mythology
46.) Read a self-published book  Fake Fiance (Strych)
47.) A book with the word dream in the title
48.) Free Space- Pick any book!

Level 5: Overachiever Club

49.) Read a book on a banned book list
50.) The most recent book in a series you haven't finished
51.) A book that you judged by its cover (either positively or negatively)
52.) A book that takes place in your home state
53.) A book that takes place before 1965
54.) Read a biography
55.) Read a book you've previously abandoned
56.) A book about a real or fictional politician
57.) A book set in Asia
58.) A book with a tree or forest on the cover A Fatal Grace
59.) A book with the letter Z in the title
60.) Free Space- Pick any book!

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