Saturday, September 20, 2008

Promised Land - Dar Williams

Released Sept. 2008
Razor & Tie

I can vividly remember the first time I heard Dar Williams. Steve and I were in Portland on a Sunday, and we went into Borders to the music department. I'm not sure we even had a Borders in Bangor yet. I put the bulky earphones on and listened to some of the sample tracks on "The Honesy Room". "Alleluia" blew me away. It's still one of my favorite songs by any artist.I bought the cd, even though we couldn't really afford such frivolities as music we weren't even sure we would like. Seems like a century ago.

I now own all Dar William's cds, have seen her perform (in Petersborough, NH, another vivid memory), and am so enjoying this newest release, her first studio album in three years or so. Each song in the liner notes is on a two-page spread that is illustrated by interesting contemporary artwork.

Every song that Dar sings makes me think. I really like "Troubled Times:" Maybe one day soon/It will all come out/How you dream about each other sometimes/With the memory of/How you once gave up/But you made it though the troubled times.
And Buzzer ... I'd love to know the story behind this song.

It's exciting to have some new Dar songs to learn, to hum, to sing, and to enjoy.

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