Monday, February 5, 2018

Postcards from Michigan

1904.  Detroit
Walter Crane (1845-1915) 
The Grave of Keats
Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford
Hello Chris from Detroit.  I hope you like this cemetery card.  I'm a 70 year old retiree living with my husband, Peter, and our pet dog, Nellie.  We recently had 5 inches of snow in one day and are told to expect a similar amount in a few days - a lot for here.  Marc

1163.  Detroit, Michigan
Spirit of Detroit
When it was dedicated in 1958, the 26-foot Spirit of Detroit sculpture was the largest cast bronze statue since the Renaissance.  The left hand holds a bronze sphere emanating rays to symbolize God, while the right hand holds a family group.  The plaque in front of the sculpture reads, "The artist expresses the concept that God, through the spirit of man is manifested in the family, the noblest human relationship."
Greetings from Michigan, Chris!  My name's Autumn and I live in an area just outside Detroit called Novi.  Although Detroit has a bad rep, it's truly an amazing city.  The people have a spirit that's hard to explain.  Hope you like the Spirit of Detroit.  It definitely represents us well.  Happy Postcrossing from the D!

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