Monday, January 1, 2018

Keeping Track of My Book-Buying

January, 2020
Big Lies in a Small Town (Chamberlain) Audible-Credit
Conviction (Dahl) Audible-Credit
Freefall (Barry Audible-Credit
The Poison Garden (Marwood) Audible-Credit
The Round House (Edrich) Audible -6
Book Woman of Troublesome Creek Audible-6
Murder Board (Shea) K-2
The Consultant (O'Connor) Audible Credit
Murder in the Woods (Ickes) K-4

December, 2019
Roam (Armstrong)  K-1
Lost Hills (#1 Eve Ronin) (Goldberg) K free
Places No One Knows CHIRP-5
The Distance from A to Z K-2
Boss Who Stole Christmas Aud-4
Enders (#2) Aud-Cr
House at Sea's End - Griffiths Audio free?

November, 2019
There's Something About Sweetie (Menon) CHIRP
Polar Vortex Aud-4
A Fatal Obsession (#6 McCabe & Savage) K-4
Blood Relations (Moore) Audio Cr
Bury the Dead in Driftwood (#6 Garrison Gage) Aud-Cr
Name of the Devil (#2 Jessica Blackwood) Aud-Cr
Night Fire (Connelly) Aud-Cr
Dark Pattern (#4 Nturalist) Aud-Cr
The Child Finder Aud-Cr
Stay Hidden (#9 Mike Bowditch) Aud-Cr
Nine Elms K-free
The Toll (Shusterman) Aud-Cr (Returned??)

October, 2019
Bloody Genius Aud-Cr
Alien's Mail Order Bride K-1
The Life We Bury (Eskins) - CHIRP
Insignificant Events in the LIfe of a Cactus (Bowling)
The Downstairs Girl CHIRP
The Wish (Davids) CHIRP
Angel's Burning (O'Dell) CHIRP

September, 2019
The Fourth Monkey (2nd purchase) Aud 8
Lighthouse for the Lonely Heart Aud-Cr
Runaway (Coben) Aud - 4

August, 2019
Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic (Carr) Aud-free
The Beantown Girls (Healey) Aud-4
Never Have I Ever (Jackson) Aud-Cr
The Time Collector: A Novel (Womack) K-4 (Aud +7.49)
Hermit's Peak #4 - ret'd, it was abridged
Going Cardboard (for Quest Badge)
Dead or Alive (#12 Kerney) (McGarrity) K-1
The Ghost Manuscript (Frieswick) Chirp
A Borrowing of Bones (Munier) Chirp
Brain on Fire (Cahalen) Chirp
The Shaker Murders (Kuhns) Chirp
Stillborn Armadillos (Russell) Chirp
Northanger Abbey *Austen) Chirp
Blonde Hair Blue Eyes (Slaughter) Chirp
The Dovekeepers (Hoffman) Chirp
Vanishing Girls (#1 Josie Quinn) K&Aud-12
I am Pilgrim: A Thriller Aud - 5
A Court of Thorns & Roses (Mass) Aud - 5
The Others (Robinson) Aud - 5
Reasonable Doubt: Complete Series (Whitney G.) Aud - 5
Ellie & The Harpmaker (Priss) K-14
Dear Lily (Drew Davies) K-4
The Unhoneymooners (Christina Lauren) K-9

July, 2019
Shamed (#11 Kate Burkholder) Aud-Credit
Collision (#3 Phobos) (Dixen) Book - 12
All Systems Red (Wells) Chirp
Rabid (#8.5 Bowditch) AUD - 2
Keep Her Safe (Tucker) Aud - 5

June, 2019
LIFEL1K3 (Kristoff) K-2
Distortion ((#2 Phobos) (Dixen) Book - 12
Ellie Dwyer's Great Escape (Winger) K-1
Recursion (Crouch) Audible Credit
Dangerous in a Kilt (Durand) Chirp-2
The Line Between (Lee) Chirp - 3
Sotah (Ragen) K-8
The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (Jenn Bennett) K-3
When the Forest Meets the Stars (Vanderah) K-2 and Audio-2
The Body Keeper (#3 Jude Fontaine) (Frasier) Audio-10
Machine City (#2Det. Barnes) (Holliday) Audio-10
In Plain Sight (#10.5 Kate Burkholder) (Castillo) Audio - 4
The Many-Colored Land (May) Chirp

May, 2019
Tamed by the Beast (Goodwin) Chirp
Ascension (#1 Phobos) (Dixen)  Book - 5
Heir to Thorns and Steel (Hogarth) Chirp
The Curiosity (Kiernan) Chirp
Sadie (Summers) K-3
Thin Air (#1 Jessica Shaw) K-free
Truth and Lies (DI Amy Winter #1) (Mitchell) Audio-2 and K-2
Fallen Mountain (Grant) K-1

April, 2019
Hush Hush (Fitzpatrick) Chirp
The Shunning (Lewis)
Open Season (Howard) Chirp
Maneuver (Bliss) Chirp
The Bookshop on the Corner (Colgan) Chirp
The Wife (Burke) Audio-3
Three Mages and a Margarita (The Guild Codes #1 Spellbound) (Marie) Audio-3
Don't Even Breathe (Houghton) Audio-2 and Kindle -4
Spider Woman's Daughter (Hillerman) Audio - 14 (already have Kindle)
City of Veils (Princess Vigilante #1) (Evans) Kindle - 3
An Easy Death (Harris) Audible 4
Thornyhold (Stewart) Kindle 3
The Phantom Tree Kindle 3
One Plus One (Moyes) Kindle 3 and Audio - 9
Hard Country (Kerney Family #1) Kindle 1
A Brilliant Death Kindle 2
Mayan Star (Allan) Kindle 1
Field Notes on Love (Smith) Audible 10
The Stranger Diaries (Griffith) Audible Credit

March, 2019
Hello Universe (Kelly) Audible 5
Beautiful Stranger (Lauren) Audible 5
Thunderhead (Scythe #2) (Shusterman)Audible 5
Where'd You Go Bernadette (Semple) Audible 5
Skyward (Sanderson) Audible credit
This Fallen Prey (#3 Rockton) Audible credit
On the Island (Graves) Audible 8 and Kindle 2

February, 2019
A Shroud of Tattered Sails (#4 Garrison Gage) Audible 14
Where the Crawdads Sing Audible credit
Sovereign Audible free
Lucky Shot Audible free
The Au Pair Audible Credit
Driven to Distraction (Road to Love #1) Kindle 2
Murder Theory (#3 Theo Cray) Audio 2 Kindle promo 0
Cornerstone (#1) Kindle 0
Trail of Lightning Audio 3

January, 2019
An Anonymous Girl Audio CREDIT
Run You Down (#2 Rebekah Roberts) Kindle 11
Exotic Stories for Punjabi Widows Kindle 2 Audio
Home Fire: A Novel (Shamsie) Kindle 2
Unbroken Threads (Klepper) Kindle 1
The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley (Tinti) Kindle 2
INK: A Love Story on 7th & Main (Hunter) KIndle 5
Toxic (Kang) Kindle 1

December, 2018
Midnighters #2 (Hart) Kindle 3
Rule Breaker (Carmine) Kindle - 4
Roomies (Lauren) AUDIO Credit
We are Omega (#1) (Woolley) Kindle - 4

November, 2018
Midnight Rose (Hart) Kindle - free
Scythe (Shusterman) AUDIO
Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury) AUDIO
Force of Nature (Harper) AUDIO
Onyx and Ivory (Arnett) Kindle
Little Comfort (Hester Thursby #1) Kindle
Theory of Bastards (Schulman) Kindle
Dream Thieves (#2 Raven Chronicles) Kindle

September, 2018
Luminaries (Man Booker Prize) -Kindle - 3
Finding Colin Furth: A Novel (March) Kindle - 2
Winterkill (Joe Pickett #3) (Box) Kindle
Grandma Gatewood's Walk (Montgomery) Kindle
Restart (Korman) Kindle - 3
Station Breaker (Mayne) - Kindle - 4 RETURNED
Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (lee) Kindlen DNF
Cave of Bones (Leaporn/Chee) Hillerman - Kindle

August, 2018
Marsh King's Daughter (Dionne) - Kindle
Perfekt Order (Bende) - Kindle
The Storyteller's Secret (Badani) Kindle - Kindle - free DNF
In Dark Company (Castillo) Short Story - Kindle - 2
The Lemoncholy Life of Annie Aster (Wilbanks) Kindle-3
Daemon (Suarez) Kindle-2
Conjure (Hoodoo Apprentice) (Nolan) Kindle - Kindle - free
Spectre Black (#3 Cyril Landry) (Black) Kindle & AUDIBLE - 7
A Road Unknown (#1 Amish Roads) (Cameron) Kindle - 9
The Woman Left Behind (Howard) Kindle - 2

July, 2018
The Newcomers: Finding Refuge, Friendship, and Hope in an American Classroom (Thorpe) Kindl-3
Among the Shadows (Det. John Byron) (Coffin) Kindle - 1
The Book of Speculation (Swyler) Kindle-3
Moloka'i: A Novel (Brennert) Kindle-3
You Go First (Kelly) Kindle - 2
Stay Dead (Elise Sandberg Savannah #2) have Kindle, AUDIBLE--2
Need to Know : A Novel (Cleveland) Kindle - 3
The Bear Trap (Doiron/Bowditch) Short Story Kindle-0
The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing (Jacob) Kindle-2
White River Burning (Verdon) AUDIBLE--Credit
A Gathering of Secrets (Castillo) AUDIBLE- - Credit
Force of Nature (#2 Aaron Falk) (Harper) Kindle - 3
Nyxia (#1 Nyxia) (Reintgen) Kindle - 2
Weight of Ink (Kadish) Kindle - 3
Scorched: A Dry Earth Story Kindle - free
Tell No One (Coben) Kindle - 2
Only the Lucky (#8.5 Kate Burkholder) (Castillo) Kindle - 2
Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel (Holt/MidGr) Kindle - 6
Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (Joyce) Kindle - 2
Fields of Corn: An Amish Christian Romance (Price) Kindle - 1
The King Tides (Lancaster & Daniels #1) Swain Kindle/Amazon Free July pick

June, 2018
Inlaws and Outlaws (Fullford) Kindle - 6
A Closed and Common Orbit (#2 Wayfarers) (Chambers) AUDIBLE-Credit
A Place for Us (Mirza) AUDIBLE-Credit
Nice Try, Jane Sinner (Oelke) Kindle-2
Looking Glass (#2 Naturalist) (Mayne) Kindle-2 and Audible-2
The One (Marrs) Kindle-2
Book of M (Shepherd) AUDIBLE-Credit
Invisible City (Dahl) AUDIBLE-4
Essex Serpent (Perry) AUDIBLE-7   RETURNED
Last Equation of Isaac Severy (Jacobs) Kindle-3
Helsinki White (#3 Insp. Vaara) (Thompson) Kindle-2
The Death of Mrs. Westingham (Ware) Kindle-14
Zeroes (Wendig) Kindle-2
Wild Bird (VanDraanen) Kindle-12
Allusion (Hyldahl) Kindle-2
The Blinds (Sternbergh) Kindle-1
Glory in Death (#2 Eve Dallas) AUDIBLE-Credit

May, 2018
Dark Matter (Crouch) Kindle - 4
The Kurdish Bike (Lightbourne) Kindle-11
Secrets of Worry Dolls Kindle - 1
Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2 Kindle - 4
Illuminae (Kaufman) Kindle - 2
The Hunt for the Dingo (James and Sanderson #1) (Nash) Kindle - 0
Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1) Kindle - 0
Pretty Girls: A Novel (Slaughter) Kindle-3
All the Beautiful Lies: A Novel (Swanson) Kindle - 4
A Darkness Absolute (#2 Casey Donovan) (Armstrong) Kindle - 11
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (Berendt) Audible - 16

April, 2018
Weight of Ink Audible Credit
Spider Woman's Daughter (Leaphorn & Chee #19) Hillerman Kindle-2
The Astonishing Color of After Kindle - 3
City of the Lost (Armstrong) AUDIBLE Credit
Tenth of December (Saunders) Kindle - 3
The Wedding Date Kindle - 13
If I Ever Get Out of Here (Gansworth) Kindle-2

March, 2018
Someone Else's Love Story (Jackson) Audible Credit
Dead Letters (Dolan-Leach) K-2
Don't Let Go (Coben) Audible-3
Neverwhere (Gaiman) Kindle-3
No Turning Back (reissued oldie) (Bush, Nancy) Kindle - 2
Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (Chambers) "sci fi masterpiece" Kindle-3
Blindsighted (#1) (Slaughter) Kindle-2
Women in the Castle (Shattuck) Audible 4
The Debt Collector (Mills) Kindle- free
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (Honeyman) Kindle-14

February, 2018
Red Rising (Brown) Audible-6
Huntress Moon (FBI#1) Kindle-2
Unwind (#1) (Shusterman) Audible-6
Naked in Death (#1) (Robb) Audible-5
The Missing Ones (Lottie Parker #1) (Bibney) Audible-5
An Ember in the Ashes (Tahir) Kindle-3
West Cork (Sam Bungey) Audible 0?
Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague (Brooks) Kindle-2
The Drowned Girls (Angie Pellorino #1) (White) Kindle - 2
Fodor's In Focus Savannah - Kindle-2
Bone Music (Burning Girl #1) (Christopher Rice) Kindle-freeAmazon

January, 2018: (Purchased 3 extra Audible credits at the end of the month)
The Demon Crown (A Sigma Force Novel) (James Rollins) Kindle-5
Outlander (Gabaldon) Audible Credit
In the Land of Milk and Honey (Eliz. Harris #2) (Jensen) Audible Credit
The Ritual Bath (Decker & Lazarus #1) (Kellerman) Kindle-2
Truly Devious (Johnson) Audible Credit
The Disappearances (Murphy) Kindle-3
The Naturalist (#1) (Mayne) Kindle-2
Night Hunter (Harry Circus #1) (Ward) Kindle-1  (2)
Punishment (Det. Barnes #1) (Holliday) Kindle-freeAmazon
The Chalk Man (Tudor) Audible Credit
Turtles All the Way Down (Green) Kindle-12 (5)
The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle (Connor) Kindle-11
Almost Sisters (Jackson) Audible Credit

December, 2017:
Amina's Voice (Khan) Kindle-12 (3)
When Dimple Met Rishi (Menon) Kindle-12 (3)
Mean Streak (Brown) Kindle - 4
The Homecoming (Russell) Audible-4

November, 2017:
Warcross (Lu) Audible Credit (3)
The Nest (Sweeney) Kindle-2
A Merciful Truth (Mercy Kirkpatrick #2) (Elliot) Kindle-2
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (Sullivan) Audible-14 (4.5)

October, 2017:
The Forgers (Morrow) Kindle-3
The Lying Planet (Riggs) Kindle-3 (4.5)
The Nightingale (Hannah) Kindle-2
A Hard Man to Forget (Ames) Kindle - 1 (3)
Untamed #1 (Dyer) Kindle - 2 (1)
Wife 22 (Gideon) Kindle - 1
The Promise (Crais) Kindle-2  (5)

September, 2017:
Illusive (Lloyd-Jones) Kindle-10
Broken Skies (Kay) Kindle-0
Fire Queen (Hundredth Queen #2) (King) Audible Credit
Angel's Tip (Burke) Audible-2
Prodigy (Legend #2) (Lu) Audible Credit
Hokee Wolf (Viehueg) Kindle-0
Magpie Murders (Horowitz) Kindle-3
Artifacts of Death (#1) (Curtin) Kindle-1
The Color of Our Sky (Trasi) Kindle -2
The Seven Rules of Elvira Carr (Maynard) Kindle-2 (5)
Harm None (Davis & West #1) Kindle-0
Consider (Holo #1) (Acevedo) Kindle-2
Hangman (Lazarus/Decker #19) Kindle-2
The Late Show (Connelly) Audible Credit  (4)
Trail of Broken Wings (Badani) Audible-2 (4)
The Running Dream (Van Draanen) Kindle-2
Trail of Broken Wings (Badani) Kindle-2 (4)
A Beautiful Work in Progress (Valerio) Kindle-0

August, 2017:
The Lovely, Wicked Rain (Garrison Gage #3) Audible-15
The Girl on the Bridge (McCAbe & Savage) Audible Credit (3)
The Fire Queen (Hundredth Queen #2) Kindle-5
The Fourth Monkey (Barker) Kindle-2 (4.5/5)
The Girl in Green (Miller) Kindle-4 (5)
Cold Dish (Longmire) (Johnson) Kindle-5
Lost Girls (Kim Stone #3) Kindle-4 (4)

July, 2017:
Down A Dark Road (Burkholder) (Castillo) Audible Credit (2.5)
Zenn Diagram (Brandt) Kindle-4 (3.5)

June, 2017:
Fallout (V.I. Warshawski) (Paretsky) Kindle-3
This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity) Kindle-3 (3)
Posted (Anderson) Kindle - 11 (4)
The Alice Network (Quinn) Audible Credit DNF
Princess Cora and the Crocodile (Schlitz) Audible-2
Outage (#1) Kindle-2 (3.5)
The Perfect Stranger (Miranda) Kindle-3
Crime on the Fens (#1) (Ellis) Audible-3

May, 2017:
The Boy from Reactor 4 (Stelmac) Kindle-1DNF Tried Twice
Tin God (#1) (Green) Kindle-0
Juliet: A Novel (Fortier) Kindle-2
Hades (Archer & Bennett) (Fox) Kindle-3
The Plantation (#1) (Kuzneski) Audible Credit - RETURNED & REFUNDED (2)
Escape Clause (Flowers #9) Audible Credit (4.5)
The Hate U Give (Thomas) Kindle-11 (5)
The Hundredth Queen (King) Kindle-0 (4)

April, 2017:
Hard Return (Cyril Landry #2) Audible-6
A Desperate Place for Dying (Gage #2) Audible-11 (4.5)
Seeds of Deception (Burkholder Short Story) Audible-6 (2)
Bellamy & the Brute (Michaels) Kindle-1 (2)
News of the World (Gardiner) Audible-2
The Searcher (Solomon Creed) Kindle-2
The Dark Room (Moore) Audible-14 (5)
In the Woods (French) Audible Credit

March, 2017:
Openly Straight (Konigsberg) Audible-4
Openly Straight (Konigsberg) Kindle-1
Age of Order (#1) (North) Kindle-1 (3.5)
Outcast (Kress) Kindle-1
Mrs. Dalloway (Wolff) Audible-3
Rewinder (Battles) Audible-2 (5)
Rewinder (Battles) Kindle-1 (5)
In the Woods (French) Kindle-2
Serpent King (Zentner) Kindle-3 (5)
Strip (Perry) Audible-4
Still Life (#1) (Louise Penny) Audible Credit (3)
Secret Lives of People in Love: Stories (VanBooy) Kindle-2
Sundown on Top of the World (#4, read any order) (Donald) Kindle-0
Lyrebird Hill (Romer) Audible-5 (4.5)
Cut to the Bone (Bass) Kindle-1
The Secret Wife (Paul) Kindle-1
Eyes of the Innocent (Carter Ross #2) (Parks) Audible Credit
That Darkness (Black) Kindle-3

February, 2017:
Clockwork Angel #1 (Clare) Audible-7
Legend (#1) (Lu) Audible-5 (5)
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Grabenstein) Audible-5
Kingdom Come (Eliz. Harris #1) Audible-5 (4.5)
Jar City (Indridason) Audible -4
Open Season (Joe Pickett) Audible-5
American Street (Zoboi) Kindle-10 (2 & 4)
Under the Never Sky (Rossi) Kindle-2
The Buried Book (Pulley) Audible-2 (4.5)
Immoral (Freeman) Audible-5 (3.9)
Half Broken Things (Joss) Kindle-2
The Rest of Us Just Live Here (Ness) Kindle-2
The Leaving of Things (Antani) Kindle -2 (4)
A Moment on the Edge - 100 years of Crime Stories by Women (George) Kindle-1

January, 2017:
Midnighters #1 (Westerfeld) Kindle - 2
In the Shadow of Lakecrest (Blackwell) Kindle-0 (1)
The Butterfly Garden (Hutchison) Kindle-2
Passenger (#1) (Bracken) Kindle-1  (2.5)
Livia Lone (#1) (Eisler) Kindle-2
A String of Beads (Jane Whitefield #8) Perry Kindle-2

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