Sunday, February 5, 2017

I've Been Cooking - Breakfast Bowls

I love Jimmy Dean "Meat Lovers" Breakfast Bowls, but they're pretty expensive, anywhere from $2.50 to $3.00 each.  So I decided to make my own! (Note, this batch ended up costing me $1.40 each - and the time it took me to prepare, of course!)

1/2 lb. ground country sausage (Karns 1.00)
1/3 lb. 3/8" slice ham (Karns - on sale - 1.50
1 pkgs. real bacon bits (Aldi 1.29)
1/2 pkg. O'Brien hash browns (1.25)
1/2 pkg. frozen chopped onions (1.18)
10 eggs (.99 doz. at Aldi)
1 cup (or less) shredded Colby Jack Cheese (1.15)

As I prepped each ingredient, I divided it into 6 different freezer containers.

First I sauteed the hash browns and the onions in a little canola oil, letting them brown up a bit. Didn't take long.

I sliced the ham into small pieces and sprinkled them atop the potatoes.  Then the bacon bits (I actually didn't use the whole package).

I crumble-fried the sausage (I like them in pretty small chunks, so I kept breaking them apart), drained the mixture well, and divied it up into each container.

Using a little butter, I broke the 10 eggs directly into the frying pan.  I then broke all the yolks and scrambled them up.  It saves me a bowl, and I like little flecks of egg white in my eggs, although this way they got scrambled pretty well.  I like my eggs really well done, but I stopped cooking them a bit before I usually do, since they'll cook a little more when they're microwaved and I don't want them too dry.  That gets dumped into each of the containers.

A light dusting of the cheese, and they're ready to go.  I don't add salt & pepper, I do that after I microwave them at breakfast-time.

Once they're cool, I cover (trying to get out as much air as possible) and freeze.  I usually only freee four, because I'll be eating at least two in the following couple of days.

I microwave for about 4 minutes.   Everyone's microwave is different, so you'll have to double check the first few ones you cook.

I love 'em.  And they cost only $1.40 each!

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