Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TV Show - Sense 8

Just finished watching Season 1 (and what they're calling Episode 1 of Season 2, but the rest of the season - 10 more episodes - won't come out until May 8th
Premiered: June 5, 2015 (Dec. 2016 was the 2-hour "Christmas" Special, Episode 13, or Episode 1 of Season 2)
Season: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Length of Episode:
IMBd: 8.4/10
RT Audience Score:   92% (67 Critic)
cag:  It's sensational (6)
Produced by Netflix

     Will - Chicago cop (paired with Riley)
     Riley - Icelandic dj living in London (paired with Will)
     Wolfgang - Troubled young man in East Berlin (drawn to Kala)
     Lito - gay actor in Mexico City
     Capheus - Van Damm lover/bus owner in Nairobi
     Kala - newlywed in India (drawn to Wolfgang)
     Sun - wrongly imprisoned martial artist in Seoul
     Nomi -female transgender computer hacker in San Francisco

My comments:  It takes a bit of the first installment to figure out what's going on, but once you're in, you're totally and completely hooked.  LOVED this, and can't wait until May for more!

Storyline from IMBd:  Season 1 of this science fiction drama begins as eight strangers from different regions of the world unexpectedly become mentally and emotionally linked to each other. They learn that they are "sensates," a particular type of human that has the ability to psychically share their knowledge and skills with one another. The group soon finds themselves in danger and must work together in order to protect one another from a villainous sensate who is determined to hunt them down by using their powers against them.

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