Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pickin' Away - Found Three on Saturday

When I headed out Saturday it was to do a few errands, but ended up hunting for ... and finding ... three letterboxes.  The first was at El Corral Restaurant, just west of where I work, on River Road.  The parking lot was empty so I was a bit conspicuous, but I tromped up the hill and easily found it under a tree.  So much fun!

From there I headed to La Encantada for a fabulous carving - parking and walking along a somewhat busy intersection at the north of the shopping center.  I often wonder what people think when they see a rather large older woman picking her way through the cacti in the middle of nowhere, heading for a rock.....

My last find was at the Holy Hope Cemetery on Oracle.  I LOVE the directions for this one, "find Jesus in the roundabout" !! There was a perfect hole in the junction of some branches in a tree.  For all three I could hop back into the car and enjoy my stamping with not time constraints.

So much fun!

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