Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Letterboxing

This has been a great month for letterboxing - I've practiced carving a bit, creating a couple stamps that I feel good enough to share.  They're still pretty crappy, but I love being a part of postals, so I'm working on my carve-man-ship as much as I can.  I went out last weekend and the weekend before, looking for plants.  Hit the 80 mark, most of them being "drive-bys," though a few were "strolls."  Next weekend is the Tucson gathering, which I'm pretty excited (and nervous!) about.

My numbers as of 1/31/16

P1 F80 X20

Postals 4P 26F 4C
LTCs 1P 9F 1C
Event Boxes 4F

Totals for January:
New carves:  
Quisp - Desert Morning (which I rip and distress and turn into the above)

Poet's Tree by Shel Silverstein for IR's Newbie Postal Tracker

Also a sugar skull, which I'm not sure what I'm going to do with yet:

7 - (all drive-bys)

16 - most in the Favorite Books Ring,
the first two in the Scenic Drives Ring
Gnome Place Like Home micro
Hang Ten, Puka

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