Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Tree Counts - Alison Formento

Illustrated by Sarah Snow
Albert Whitman & Co, 2010
32 pages
Rating: 4
Endpapers: Repeated squares of four oak trees - one for each season

Only one (big beautiful) tree lived on the Oak Lane School grounds. So Mr. Tate's class decides to plant more trees.

We learn a lot about oak trees - what lives in them as well as all sorts of useful info for young readers. The illustrations are lovely, simple, completely covering most pages. I'm very drawn to the oak leaves. Their shape is so recognizable.

Lovely book. Go Earth Day! Go treeeeees! I love trees.

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Alison Ashley Formento said...

Thank you for your nice blog post about my book.
It's nice to know others who love trees as much as I do. Just to add my book is printed on recycled paper and a portion of my proceeds go to planting more trees through AmericanForests.org. Happy Earth Day!