Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sanyasin's First Day - Ned Shank

Illustrated by Catherine Stock
Marshall Cavendish, 1999
32 pages
Rating: 4
Ednpapers: Pumpkin

In my search for books about Africa I came across this book, and had no idea what a SANYASIN was. So I checked it out. Didn't take place in Africa, but it was a good story.

A sanyasin is a holy man in India. He gives away all he owns, counts on people to give him rice, and spends his day praying...and begging for rice, it appears.

The busy Indian marketplace is captured beautifully by Catherine Stock as we meet three others on their "first days" -- a female plumber, male policeman, and female farmer. Their stories cleverly intersect in a satisfying story. however, it's the story the pictures tell that most catch my attention.

Note: As of the book flap, in 1999 Ned Shank was married to author Crescent Dragonwagon. Interesting.

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