Monday, April 26, 2010

MOVIE - The Back-Up Plan

Alex O'Laughlin is adorable, but other than that.....
Released last Friday, April 23,2010
PG-13 (1:38)
4-26-10 at El Con with Fran
RT: 22% cag: 40%
Director: Alan Poul
Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Laughlin

Don't expect any surprises in this cute story that seems to go on...and on...and on.... It's very predictable, but it certainly has lots of laughs. J-Lo ("Zoe") and O'Laughlin ("Stan") meet moments after she is artificially inseminated. They fall for each other after a week or two of coincidental meetings, then become an instant couple. Some of the biggest laughs come when Zoe joins a single mom's group. Bizarre, quite ridiculous, not a whole lot of chemistry going on, but not awful. It was sad to see an ANCIENT Linda Lavin play Zoe's grandmother. It made me feel ancient, too - but she was super. Oh, and Stan was a cheese farmer, owning a goat farm, just outside the city. Mmmmhmmmmm.

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