Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oliver at the Window - Elizabeth Shreeve

Illustrated by Candice Hartsough McDonald
Front Street, 2009
For: preschoolers, young kids, but it's about divorce, so I'd be careful about getting little kids nervous or upset
Rating: 3.5
Endpapers: Red

Oliver's parents have separated, and now he has two homes and a new preschool to go to. At first he just looks out the window, depressed, hanging on tightly to his stuffed lion. There are lots of books and things to do at Redbird School, but he has no interest. But gradually, as the days pass, he begins to spend less time at the window and more time drawing and playing. He starts spending less and less time staring out the window, but still alwys keeps his trusty lion with him. It's good to note that his parents never let him down, they take turns coming to pick him up and always love him.

One day, after he is fully integrated into the class and much of his grief has passed, a new girl comes to the school that was in the same state he wasw in upon his own arrival. He befriends her and helps her work things out.

Sweet, simple full-page illustrations that help tell the story.

Be careful - I wouldn't want to scare young kids into thinking this could happen to them - it reminds me of Elizabeth Partridge's book about her cat that died , but this isn't quite so sad.....

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