Saturday, October 31, 2009

MOVIE - Whip It

Thoroughly enjoyable entertainment
Released Oct. 2, 2009
(I can't believe it's in the cheap movies already!)
PG-13 (1:51)
Halloween 10/31/09 just me
RT: 82% cag 93%
Director: Drew Barrymore

Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Daniel Stern, Drew Barrymore

Bliss Cavendar, a senior in high school, wears fancy white dresses pagent-ing with (for) her mom. She works at a local piggie-themed diner than serves "squealers" and longs to get out of her small town.

Nearby is Austin, Texas. So many possibilities there. And she decides to take advantage of them - by pretending she's 21 and trying out for one of the roller derby teams that are popular here. She's fast. She's lithe and athletic. She still has her Barbie skates - and she's a natural on them. She begins to live a double life - dutiful daughter by day -- nd Babe Ruthless of the Hurl Scouts Roller Derby team by night.

Totally delightful, enjoyable, fun. The parents, Marcia Gay Harden and a bit-of-an-overweight Daniel Stern are wonderful and real. And Ellen Page pulls off this role beautifully and believably. Don't miss this one on the big screen.

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sheila said...

Sorry we missed our Halloween tradition, Chris. We stayed home cause no trick or treaters. Yay! Is that mean or am I just getting old?