Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MOVIE - Gigantic

Quirky and wonderful - a new favorite
Viewed 6/2 at the Loft with Sheila
Released 4-3-09 (Limited/Indie)
R (1:39)
RT: 36% cag: 95%
Zooey Deschanel, Paul Dano, John Goodman, Ed Asner
Director: Matt Aselton

Brian Weathersby (Dano), a 28 year-old, college-graduated, Swedish bed salesman living in New York City falls for a lovely young woman (Deschanel), who has tried five different occupations in five years and lives with her odd, wealthy, hypochondriac father (Goodman). Fantastic characters, wonderful acting, and a quirky storyline worked superbly for me. Don't read any of the reviews - or if you do, don't believe them, go see for yourself. It's really fun. Yes, it does leave a few questions, and Sheila and I tried to figure out answers for them afterwards. Why GIGANTIC? Who/Why/What is going on with the "homeless" stalker? And why is it Brian's obsession to adopt a baby from China?

You've got to see the way John Goodman travels around Manhattan!

Rotten Tomato consensus: "This overly quirky, incessantly whimsical indie is too self-conscious for its own good." NONSENSE! It's quirky and whimsical and wonderful. And what do they mean, too self-conscious? Trying to be intellectual? What are they REALLY trying to say? Come on!

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