Wednesday, June 7, 2017

MOVIE - Their Finest

R (1:50)
Limited release 4/7/17
Viewed 6/7/17 at Carlisle Theater, Downtown Carlisle
IMBd:  6.9/10
RT Critic:  87  Audience:  77
Critic's Consensus:  Carried along by a winning performance from Gemma Arterton, Their Finest smoothly combines comedy and wartime drama to crowd-pleasing effect.
Cag:  3.5  Would have liked it a lot - maybe even loved it - if it hadn't gotten so depressing
Directed by Lone Scherlig
Europa Corps/ STX Films

British actors (including Bill Nighy)

My comments:  I was liking this movie a lot until something very sad happened and then I changed my mind.  1940 London, and women are definitely inferior human beings.  The movie highlights a woman who is actually able to get somewhere in the very inhibiting and controlling male world of the time.  I love the premise of the movie,but throwing in something sad when it's not serving any purpose that I can see or think of really pissed me off.  I left feeling extremely deflated and quite a bit depressed.  I guess it was a good movie overall, but who wants to leave down in the dumps?

RT/ IMDb Summary:  The year is 1940, London. With the nation bowed down by war, the British ministry turns to propaganda films to boost morale at home. Realizing their films could use "a woman's touch," the ministry hires Catrin Cole (Gemma Arterton) as a scriptwriter in charge of writing the female dialogue. Although her artist husband looks down on her job, Catrin's natural flair quickly gets her noticed by cynical, witty lead scriptwriter Buckley (Sam Claflin). Catrin and Buckley set out to make an epic feature film based on the Dunkirk rescue starring the gloriously vain, former matinee idol Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy). As bombs are dropping all around them, Catrin, Buckley and their colorful cast and crew work furiously to make a film that will warm the hearts of the nation.

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