Saturday, June 17, 2017

MOVIE - Paris Can Wait

PG (1:32)
Limited release 5/12/17
Viewed 6/17 at Carlisle Theater
IMBd: 6/10
RT Critic:  48   Audience:  46
Critic's Consensus:  None
Cag:  3 liked it, but that's all
Directed by Eleanor Coppola
Sony Pictures Classics

Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin

My comments:  Other than getting to travel a little bit through France and enjoying Diane Lane's performance, this movie didn't do much for me.  I wasn't turned on even the tiniest bit by the French guy who ended up sweeping her off her feet, which made what might have been a good ending a bit blah.....

RT/ IMDb Summary:  When her director husband is occupied with work in Paris, an American woman takes a jaunt with his business associate, a charming Gallic rogue who is happy to squire her on a tour of some of the finest meals in Provence. The first feature directed by Eleanor Coppola, wife of Francis and director of the "Apocalypse Now" documentary "Hearts of Darkness".

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