Wednesday, November 9, 2016

MOVIE - Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

PG-13 (1:58)
Wide release 10/21/16
Viewed 11/9/16 at Century Park Place
RT Critic:  37  Audience:  48
Critic's Consensus:  Monotonously formulaic, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is one action thriller sequel whose title also serves as a warning.
Cag:  4.5 Really well done, liked it a lot
Directed by Edward Zwick
Paramount Pictures
Based on the book by Lee Child

Tom Cruise

My comments:  This is the one where he saves the woman who now has his old job from false accusations and they both go on the run.

RT/ IMDb Summary:  Jack Reacher must uncover the truth behind a major government conspiracy in order to clear his name. On the run as a fugitive from the law, Reacher uncovers a potential secret from his past that could change his life forever.

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