Monday, February 29, 2016

February Letterboxing

Another busy month, though having the flu and its after-effects for three weeks was definitely debilitating.  My first Tucson event!  (I got sick a day and a half later....)  Some really good postals.  Experimenting with carving on erasers.  I'm still lousy at carving, but I'm lovin' it nevertheless!  AND, on top of it all,k I'm hosting my very first postal - a ring I called "Let's Celebrate!"

My 2/29/16 stats:

P1, F89, X46

HH  2 found
Traditional Finds 9
Postals  17 more stamped in!
LTCs   1 more this month
Event Boxes  18F
An EVENT:  It's 5 o'clock Somewhere: Margaritaville Comes to Tucson (at Fort Lowell Park, in one of the back ramadas.)

New in February:
New carves:

A Few of My Favorite Things
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for the Favorite TV Show...Past of Present Tracker

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