Monday, February 15, 2016

Quest Scouts February - Postcards & Places

Postcards & Places 
February 14, 2016
Type:  Special
Need all 1,000 (out of 1,000) points

Art - 250 pts. DONE
Send a postcard to four different people:
Somebody in Need
Loved One
Random Stranger
I posted this on the QuestScout website:
My four cards - I used the Postcard Happiness Project address above to send a card to a woman in India who is housebound, an Arizona bird quiz postcard to a house around the corner that has a number of feeders in their yard, a funny one to my son in Maine, and an Arizona card to Quest Scouts.. This was fun, I might even do a second set!

Group Objective - 500 pts. DONE
Help get cards from each of the 50 states and 5 "other"places to Quest Scouts

DIY - 250 pts.
Create and send at least THREE one-of-a-kind postcards.

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