Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Letterboxing

Lots of Postals this month, I love sitting at my desk and stamping into logs!  I've colored three of the Coloring Pages books, but am disappointed that none are anything like mine, and very small.  I've also discovered I don't like coloring, especially tiny areas, very much!

My 3/31/16 Stats:

P1 F93 X46

New in March:
Traditional 4 finds
HH 3 found
Postals 25 found, 1 carved & planted
LTCS 2 quisps found
No event boxes this month

One new carve - as a donation for the 50 states box, since no one did Iowa, and I am enjoying getting to know Brailleboxer (a blind letterboxer!) in California.

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