Saturday, December 3, 2011

MOVIE - Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Splendid scenery, set, and makeup
Wide release 11/18/11
viewed at El Con on Thanksgiving 11/24/11 by myself
PG-13 (1:57)
RT critics:  26% RT audience:  70% cag: 89%
Director:  Bill Condon

Gorgeous sets…the Cullen house, viewed from the outside, in the middle of the woods, lit up…spectacular!  The woods themselves, expecially the aerial views, are wondrous (especially to a lover-of-the-woods).  The wedding set.  The house on the beach on the island near Rio.  The sets alone were worth the cost of a ticket.

If I didn’t know the story, I think I would have scoffed and snorted all the way through.The movie seemed to almost completely follow the book.   I didn't seem to mind Kristin Stewart's acting so much in this one, and the makeup and special effects used to make her look sicker and sicker were really well done.  I very much enjoyed this.

Bella and Edward get married and, despite Edward being afraid he'd get too vampiric during lovemaking, he didn't kill her.  But she did get pregnant - and of course, it would be an unusual pregnancy.  The baby was fast growing and began killing Bella from the inside out because of it's vampiric needs.  Watching how the wolves, the Cullen family, and Bella's family deal with everything that happens is actually quite enjoyable to watch.  I wouldn't go to re-see any of the previous movies, but I would this one.

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