Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MOVIE - Tower Heist

a fun flick!
Wide release 11-4-11
12-5-11 at El Con with Sheila
PG-13 (1:39)
RT critics:  68%  RT audience:  61%
I liked it (3)
Director:  Brett Ratner
Universal Pictures

Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Eddie Murphy, Alan Alda

Ben Stiller is the general manager at a high-class high-rise in Manhattan.  The most important resident, played by Alan Alda, lives in the penthouse.  Lives are shaken up when Alda is arrested by the FBI and it is discovered that all his riches have disappeared - including all the pensions of the employees of the building.  When Stiller confronts Alda, he is fired....and the plan is hatched to try to recover some of the funds that they're sure Alda has hidden right there in his penthouse.

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