Sunday, July 19, 2015

PICTURE BOOK - Someday by Eileen Spinelli

Illustrated by Rosie Winstead
2007 Dial Books for Young Readers
32 pgs.
Goodreads rating: 4.14
My rating: 5
Endpapers: pale lime green splashed with stars of different sizes

My comments:  Love this book!  Love Eileen Spinelli!  Great ideas...great details....great writing prompt.

I am going to be
a great artist.
I will wear a blue smock.
I will carry my paints
to the beach
to paint the sea.
A very rich person
will offer to buy my painting
for two million dollars.
But I will smile.
And I will say:  “I’m sorry,
this painting is not for sale.
It is a gift for my art teacher.”

A girl fantasizes things that will happen to her “someday,” then shows the current happening that prompted each thought.  There are 6 (including the one above):  
Someday I will make friends with a dolphin.’Someday I will dig for dinosaur bones.
Someday I will be invited to the White House to have lunch with the president.
Someday I will be an animal scientist.
Someday I am going to be a gymnast in the Olympics.
Someday I will spend the night in Egypt.
(ending with Tonight I’m sleeping on the bottom bunk with Roger, who is afraid of monsters and the dark.)

Goodreads:  It’s hard to be content with the present moment when you are little. The future has infinitely more possibilities!

Here, the prolific and poetic Eileen Spinelli offers us the opportunity to truly enter the mind and heart of a little girl whose dreams reach well beyond today. With Spinelli’s gift for capturing the authentic experience of a child and Rosie Winstead’s utterly accessible and adorable artwork, this is sure to be a book that will inspire kids to think about what their own plans are for someday.

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