Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Personal Quilt Shop Directory


     Meissner's Sewing & Vac  (6/2/15) mostly sewing machines, but a HUGE building - will take a class there in September, will hopefully get better vibes then.  Customer service was lousy. (2/5)


     The Gathering Place (6/3/15)  unbelievably huge.  I felt like the kid in the toy store that is so overwhelmed they leave crying without a toy because it was so overwhelming!  Lovely wooden floors and a huge selection of fabrics and patterns. (5/5)


     The Cotton Cupboard Quilt Shop (7/2/15 - with Fran)

     Choppin' Cotton (7/2/15 - with Fran)


     Sewing by the Sea


Fenton (SEW FINE) plate

     The Quilter's Garden (6/11/15) we spentt a lot of time in this wonderful shop.  Lots and LOTS of batiks, including rayons for clothing.  Great samples.  The owner was a little down because she says that local people don't appreciate the shop.  What a bummer!  We loved it.  5/5

Gaylord (GOT FABRIC?) plate

     Delphine's (6/10/15)  Wowzer, loved this store.  Two sides full of fabric, a stuff-a-bag for five bucks, samples, quilty gifts....and a great kitchen shop next door, where wonderful smells of a vegetable soup assaulted us as we roamed the aisles. Great pandora music as well...Delphine said she timed her Pandora to change every 15 minutes and we got James Taylor radio and Gordon Lightfoot radio as we perused.....5/5

     Au Sable Fabrics (6/10/15)  very small, not much fabric and much is out-of-date, woman worker/owner? sat quilting and did not even greet us as we walked in.  (1/5)
Ironwood (SEW BY THE LAKE) plate
     Fabric Patch (6/9/15) my favorite of the whole cross-country trip.  On the UP of Michigan, with not very much north, south, east, OR west.  Housed in an old brick warehouse, full of amazing fabric and wonderful people.  (6/5)


Duluth (SUPERIOR DAYS) plate from Hannah Johnson Fabrics

       Creations Quilt Shop (6/8/15) not in the best of areas (a little seedy) don't let the outside of the store fool you - it's full of lots of fabrics in multiple rooms.  4/5
      Hannah Johnson Fabrics (6/8/15) another quilt shop whose outside denies the greatness of the inside.  Lots of modern fabrics stuffed into a not-too-large space 4/5

Foley (I BR8K 4 FABRIC) plate
     Quilts on Broadway (6/8/15)

Sandstone (QUILTERS ROCK!)
     Quarry Quilts (6/8/15)


     Back Door Quilts (6/4/15) I've been here before, believe it or not!  Large quilt store in an awkward location, but lots of fabric and ideas.  We were tired, it was the end of the day, so we didn't spend too much time looking.  Very promising, though.... (4/5)


     The Enchanted Room (6/5/15) lovely, tasteful, very cool owner/employees.  they just opened a brand new gift shop/nursery across the street.  Very quiet-seeming town.  5/5


     Windy Moon Quilts (6/2/15) large shop, lots of machines to sell, some fabric, but either it was displayed poorly or their choices just didn't grab my attention, very few batiks... (2/5)

     Windy Moon Quilts (6/2/15) hugely different array of fabrics than their Reno store, much more to my liking.  Bright and fun.  (3.5/5)

Winnemucca  (EVERYTHING COZY) plate

     Comfy Cozy Quilt Shop (6/2/15) talk about the middle of nowhere!  So many people must be tickled to death about having this wonderful quiltshop here....and Nadine, the owner, is a hoot.  Looks likes lots of activities and classes, too.  Small but nice selection of fabrics. (4/5....10 for Nadine!)


Lebanon (QUILTR 4 EVR) plate

     Budding Star Quilts - in the front of a weirdly-shaped strip mall, hard to locate the shop because the parking is way on the other side.  They package their kits so that the fabrics are all cut to the sizes needed - very cool but, of course, very expensive.  One of the workers (owner?) was very bossy and the kind of person who uses minor insults as humor (heard her teaching the class out back).  Fabric...okay.  2.5/5


     Sip 'N Sew (6/5/15)  - a tiny coffee bar with a tiny quilt shop.  Not much fabric, but what they have sure must be appreciated in this tiny town!  Fun.  (2/5 for fabrics +1 for niceness and cuteness)


So. Amherst
     Quilting Kreations (6/11/15) all fabrics of the same color are displayed together, and I can't say I really liked this.  It's nice seeing collections together, especially since so many of the newer fabric lines are in coordinating fabrics.  Large amount of fabrics, though, just didn't see any that did it for me.....(2.5/5)

Stow (SEWK UP COLOR) plate

     Sew Deja Vu (6/12/15) Dede bought her new, wonderful sewing chair here.  Long, narrow, bright store showing a smallish collection of modern fabrics.  Very nice.  (3/5)


     The Gallery of Fabrics (6/12/15)  clueless worker didn't have much knowledge about the Row by Row, although they're part of it....nice collection of fabrics, but felt tightly packed in.


Ashland (CHEQUAMEGON BAY) plate (pronounced shi-kwan'-a-men)

     Ashland Area Fabric & Quilt Co. (6/9/15) small but very nice, and the shop owner was cool....lots of fat quarters, right ON Lake Superior! (3.5/5)

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