Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Row by Row 2014 - Pennsylvania

I visited 14 shops in PA! Under Construction 
1 Spring, * Summer, * Fall, * Winter, 1 All-Seasons
Here are the shops, in alphabetical order:

Beary Patches Quilts 
Milford, PA  

I visited this shop on my way to Maine.  It's just before the NY border, in a pleasant small town that I've "flown" by on 84 without ever venturing within its borders.  Cute town, cute store, lovely owner. (Darn, as usual, I got my finger in the way!)

This is her row, a blossoming tulip.  SPRING!
She also had a license plate:

Half Moon Handwerks
New Cumberland, PA

You certainly can't tell from the outside the TREASURE TROVE I found on the inside.  No, this is not a "quilt shop," it's a combination of the creative spirit colliding in a very "chris" way....embroidery, beading, woolies, sculpey/fimo works for sale, a small collection of fabrics (lots and lots of whites to use as embroidery backgrounds).  It's only about a half hour from the Mt Holly Springs/Boiling Springs area, has classes of all sorts, and I loved the proprietress!  She shares the space with a friend whose original purpose for the store was a sort of gallery, but the handwerks (love the spelling) is gradually expanding, inching its way in, taking over......

This is her very cool row, embroidered in hand-dyed cottons.  Each seasonal patch has a button. She didn't like having her picture taken (I can so get that!) and I appreciate that she let me, anyways!

And yes, she also had a license plate!

Here's a link to her Facebook page and here's a link to her website.

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