Monday, December 16, 2013

GIVING at Christmas and All Through the Year

When I turned on my computer at school this morning, I saw that GOOGLE was promoting a "12 Days of Christmas" where you could give as little as one dollar each day to a worthy organization.  So I started clicking some of the buttons.  Days one through four all sounded really interesting, then I clicked on today's button, DAY 5, and it was for an organization called Donors Choose, which I had heard of, vaguely, before. What a fantastic concept...teachers from very low poverty area schools put in grants for items they wish to purchase to make things for the kids in their classrooms BETTER.  The first one, the very first one, of many - was for a fourth grade class in Chelsea, Massachusetts, the town in which I was born.  And I read more.  How I wish I could donate more than five bucks!  But that's what I did, going back to that original posting of Mrs. Hubert, for her classroom to have a photocopier instead of having to put in a requisition and wait for needed photocopies.  (I complain because I have to walk across campus about 50 feet to obtain mine!)

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