Sunday, October 27, 2013

Captain Cat - Inga Moore

Illustrated by the author
2013, Candlewick Press
HC $15.99
48 pages
Goodreads rating: 3.64
My rating: 4
Endpapers: All blue - ocean with hints of the island along the edge
Title Page: simple, Title & author with 1.5 x 8-inch (like a sideways bookmark) of the Carlotta roughing it out on the ocean
Illustrations: she says mixed media, they're water colory with tiny faint hatchmarks.  Love 'em.

1st paragraph/page:  Captain Cat loved cats.  There were more cats on board his ship, the Carlotta, than there were sailors in his crew - which was why his sailors called him Captain Cat.

My comments: This is a delightful picture book...cute story and wonderful illustrations. I'm guessing that some people might be put off by the cats killing all the rats, but I sure have no problem with that. Premise of the story is that if you have no greed and just a love of something...whether it be cats, or people, or blue skies and warm waters...don't be influenced by anything else. What is happiness?
Note:  Captain Cat looks an awful lot like Santa Claus......

Goodreads says: Captain Cat loves cats. In fact, he has more cats on his ship than he has sailors. On one voyage, he discovers a remote and lonely island where the little-girl Queen has never even seen a cat. When Captain Cat’s furry companions trounce the rats infesting the island, the Queen begs Captain Cat to trade her the cats for untold treasure. Does he? Could he? What happens next? Never fear, fellow travelers! The purr-fect solution is on the horizon — and is sure to satisfy both pet-lovers and adventurers

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