Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Call My Grandma Nana – Ashley Wolff

Illustrated by the author
2009, Tricycle Press
24 pages
HC $15.99
Rating:  Well, I have to say I love it!

Endpapers:  front, brown “bag” paper, with a large name tag that says underneath:  I call my Grandma ________________ and everyone can see/ that I love spending time with her/ and she loves being with me.
Back cover:  a list of grandmother names from around the world (again, on the brownish paper bag-looking background)

First line/s:
“My grandmother from China
Is visiting today.
Class, please welcome Nai-Nai,”
Said Miss Alexandra May.

The story, in lovely rhyme and rhythm, goes on to have each of many kids introduce their grandmothers and tell what they call them:

“Abuelita is my Grandma.
She’s teaching me to sew.
The doll we’re making
    Looks like me---
Blue dress, black braid,
     White bow!”


“My Mamie likes the hummingbirds.
I always look for jays.
I carry her binoculars
On our bird-watching days.”
                (I love this one, my kids called their paternal grandmother, my mother-in-law, Mamie…)

In all, fourteen children tell about their grandmother in a four-lined quatrain.  What a great model for a writing lesson!

This is the second Ashley Wolff book I’ve read in as many days.  It’s time to check her out a little more thoroughly.  I know I’ve read her books before, but it’s time to really examine her retinue!  Ashley Wolff lives in San Francisco, California.


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Thanks Chris, I have over 60 books published, so you' ll have your work cut out for you!

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