Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Can Name 50 Trees Today! - Bonnie Worth

All About Trees
Illustrated by Aristedes Ruiz & Joe Mathieu
from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library
Random House, 2006
45 pgs.
HC $8.99

A new-to-me science/social studies series, hosted by The Cat in the Hat and his crew.
I'm the Cat in the Hat
and I want you to please
take a few moments
to look at the trees!

The Cat in the Hat uses his lilting rhyming verse to tell how trees grow, how roots and bark function, what fifty different trees look like (and what makes them special). Filled with all sorts of interesting facts and fairly clear illustrations, I'm sending this book to my grandson with the promise to go tree hunting this summer.
Get yourself a blank book
to press leaves that you find.
Glue them onto the pages.
Your mother wont's mind!

Note the tree's bark
and the shape of the crown
Note the shape of the leaves
and then write it all down.

Take a look at this book
or get a tree guide.
Match up your leaves
to the pictures inside.

(The book even shows a sample page.)
We can't have enough of these
wonderful trees.
So when you see bare spots...
...go plant a tree, please!

The book ends with a glossary (drought, germs, heartwood, lobes, minerals, quench, sapwood, spores, whorled) and a list of other tree books kids might enjoy.

This looks like a whole series of books by more than one author (but perhaps the same illustrators?). The hunt is on!

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