Thursday, May 6, 2010

MOVIE - She's Out of My League

Very funny and really quite sweet
Released 3-12-10
R (1:44)
5-5-10 at Crossroads, alone in the theater....
RT: 54% cag 84% (total entertainment)
Director: Jim Field Smith

I've been on a streak of watching silly comedies, but this one had more to it than just 'silly'. Well, the ending had some stupid sillniess in it (why do so many movies save this for the end), but I laughed loudly in many places. I was alone in the theater - I believe this is the first time ever that happened - and just laughed away. Guffawed in places. This is a sweet - though not quite believable - love story of a geek and a gorgeous, suave, unpretentious hottie. Jay Barachel plays Kirk, a really nice guy who works as a TSA in the Pittsburgh Airport. He has three best friends who give him varied advice. Alice Eve plays Molly, whose acerbic best friend (and her relationship with Kirk's friend Stainer) is more than a hoot. Kirk's family situation is ridiculous, but also very, very humorous. Other than the ending at the airport (you know what I mean....the climax between the two star-crossed lovers is watched by half the world), this story is sweet, funny, and really quite cleverly tied together.

It was a perfect movie to completely "take me away."

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