Sunday, May 9, 2021

Time Travel

      Yup, Reading about time travel is always fun.....


Armstrong, Kelley
    A Stitch in Time 18th Century England
Bybee, Catherine
    Binding Vows (#1 MacCoinnich TTs)
    Silent Vows (#2 MacCoinnich TTs)
    Redeeming Vows #3 MacCoinnich TTs)
    Highland Shifter ($ MacCoinnich TTs)
Cornick, Nicola
      The Phantom Tree 1557 England
Crouch, Blake
    Recursion  different times & places including NYC, Maine, Tucson
Womack, Gwendolyn
     The Time Collector different times & places
Zugg, Victor
    A Ripple in Time (#1) early17th Century America

Dulci's Legacy Margaret Pinard, 1777 Cape Breton
Into the Dim Janet B. Taylor 1200 LondonTown
Passenger by Alexandra Bracken 1776 different places
Rewinder by Brent Battles
Sapphire Blue (#2 Ruby Red Trilogy) by Kersten Geir 1950, 1782...
Ruby Red by Kersten Geir 18th century

Middle Grades
When You Reach Me Rebecca Stead



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