Saturday, March 26, 2011

21. Another Thing to Fall - Laura Lippman

Tess Monaghan, Baltimore PI #10
Audio read by Linda Emond (excellently)
2008, Harper Collins audio
8 unabridged cds $39.95 (swapped)
9 hrs.
336 pages
Rating: 4

Tess Monaghan is hired as a "bodyguard" for 20 year old Selene Waites, the party-girl lead in a television pilot that's being filmed on location in Baltimore. Flip Tumulty, the show's writer and director, thinks she's pulling pranks around the set so that she can be released from her contract - bigger and better projects in Hollywood are calling. But then Flip's assistant is murdered, and we see there's another "player" with an entirely different motive.

The story went very quickly and kept my attention. I loved some of the things that Tess thought - what she was really thinking was usually clever, right on, and quite funny. I'd read another in the series.

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